Shore Excursion Insurance

Tour and Excursion Operators Legal Liability, also known as ‘Shore Excursion Insurance’ or ‘Shore-Ex’ , is a package contingent liability policy that is designed specifically to satisfy the strict insurance requirements of the cruise lines. It is a "contingent program" in that the coverage is excess to any underlying local insurance policies. Jurisdiction is worldwide allowing suits to be brought into any court in the world, a critical feature due to the global nature of the cruise line industry.

Depending on the nature of the tour itself, Shore Excursion Insurance offers three principal types of coverage that address the exposures of your business.

  • Commercial General Liability

    Responds to suits brought against you by third parties on the grounds of bodily injury and/or material damage caused by your negligence.

  • Contingent Watercraft Liability

    Provides excess insurance coverage that sits on top of an underlying Protection & Indemnity (P&I) policy thereby increasing your overall limit of insurance.

  • Contingent Auto Liability

    Provides coverage over and above any locally placed Commercial Auto policies for liability arising from the operation of your motor vehicles.


  • Meets Cruise Line Requirements
  • world2_512x512 Worldwide Jurisdiction
  • A_RatedCarrier‘A’ Rated Insurance Carrier

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